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Welcome to my Writing page! Here you’ll find information about my current writing projects and ideas, since I tend to talk about them a lot in my blog posts.


Genre: YA Contemporary/Coming of Age
Length: Novella (20,396 Words)
Current Stage: Fourth Draft (yes, really)

1 / 65 (1.5%) Pages Edited

Blurb coming soon!Summertime 1c

Summertime is a story about two close friends and the summer after their first year of college. Both of their lives are starting to change rapidly, and as the hot summer days speed by, they learn more about themselves and each other.

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Summertime Chapter 1

Quest (Working Title)

Genre: Fantasy
Length: Novel
Current Stage: Planning & Brainstorming

10% Planning Completed

Blurb coming soon!

A bookish prince and confident swordswoman become an unlikely team when the prince’s life is threatened and he is forced to flee the castle. As they travel the world, they’ll encounter friends and foes, and slowly discover a way to fight back against the evil that’s creeping into their world.


I came up with this idea in early 2017, and I’m planning on writing it for NaNoWriMo 2017! Right now, it’s just in the planning stages, but hopefully it’ll be ready by November!

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Fiction Academy (Working Title)

Genre: YA Satire / Humor
Length: Novella (23,069 words)
Current Stage: First draft

66% Written (23069/??? words)


Devan Academy Code of Conduct

  • Do not litter on campus
  • Do not be late for class
  • Do not interfere with the story

Quinn Aberdeen and Vera Warden are just ordinary sixteen-year-old girls – that is, until they enter the Devan Academy, a school that turns normal people into fictional characters.

Quinn is an outcast among the other heroines in her program, airheads who only are about what they look like. The school year drags on until Quinn meets Blake Powers, the mysterious bad boy with emerald eyes, and everything changes. Blake claims that destiny has brought them together, and that Quinn is far more special than she realizes. Driven by the passion they have for each other, the couple starts a revolution at the Academy, risking everything to bring down the administration that underestimated them.

It’s enough to make Vera want to throw up. She doesn’t care much for their petty revolution, only that Quinn has entirely abandoned the promise they made: don’t become a cliché. But as things slowly start to get out of hand, Vera must choose to either follow the rules and accept the story or to save Quinn from herself. Will she be able to rescue her best friend before it’s too late?


I began writing this novella during the April 2017 Camp NaNoWriMo, and although it’s currently on hiatus, I hope to finish it someday soon. There’s definitely a lot to poke fun at in YA fiction, and no trope is safe in this story.

Fighter (Working Title)

Genre: YA Contemporary/Christian Fiction
Length: Novel
Current Stage: Outlining

Outline 5% Completed

Blurb coming soon!

This more serious story focuses on a young man named Trevor Johnson. Without giving too many details away, since the story is still being formed, he’s had a pretty rough life and is at the end of his rope. Through the help of an estranged aunt, he starts to slowly find his way out of the darkness.


I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I’m trying to keep things intentionally vague since I’m not entirely sure where this story is going yet. I hope to get back to working on it someday soon!

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