Welcome to my Writing page! Here you’ll find information about my current writing projects and ideas, since I tend to talk about them a lot in my blog posts.


Genre: YA Contemporary/Coming of Age
Length: Novella (26,803 Words)
Current Stage: Completed Fifth Draft (Yes, really)

26,803/25,000 (107%) Words (Re)written

AboutSummertime 1c

Two rivals turned friends enjoy the summer after their freshman year of college and deal with struggles in their own lives while also realizing that perhaps there’s something more than friendship between them.

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I’ve been working on this story since high school, and I just recently re-wrote it for April 2018’s Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m really looking forward to revising it! It’s a story I’m really proud of.

Quest (Working Title)

Genre: Fantasy
Length: Novel
Current Stage: Completed First Draft

52,065/50,000 Words (104%) Written


A bookish prince and confident swordswoman become an unlikely team when the prince’s life is threatened and he is forced to flee the castle. As they travel the world, they’ll encounter friends and foes, and slowly discover a way to fight back against the evil that’s creeping into their world. Dragons are also included.


I completed this story for NaNoWriMo in November 2017 and exceeded my goal, which I was very excited about. I recently started reworking some of the story so it flows better, so perhaps I’ll start re-writing sometime soon.

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The Show Must Go On

Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (probably – work in progress)
Current Stage: First draft

21,907/35,000 Words (62.6%) Written


Living out of a fifteen-passenger van for four months can really give you a new perspective on life. For example, Chey has already learned three things:

1) Kevin snores
2) Riley’s hair looks surprisingly good after 3 days without showering (the smell, not so much)
3) She would probably kill Spencer given the chance.

If it hadn’t been for this tour that Spencer booked, maybe they could’ve been friends. But then she decided it would be a good idea for them to perform with Chey’s ex-boyfriend, and now Chey can’t help but think she’s the only one who sees how much of a problem Spencer is.

Spencer Rose has finally found her true calling with the band. Riley’s been more than happy to let her take over management roles, and she’s finally starting to feel at home with the group. Well… for the most part. Chey’s been resistant to every one of her suggestions, even when all she’s doing is trying to help. Not only that, but four months on the road is certainly going to put her mind to the test. Spencer’s pretty sure she can handle it all… or at least, she’s hoping.

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This is my “Current” project (as of July 2018), and it’s a companion to Summertime. There are some sharred characters, but the story stands on its own.